Water Damage Photo Gallery

River Flooding in Lansing MI

Many homes and business' were affected by flooding in early 2018 in the Lansing area. The snow melted quickly and mixed with rain. There was widespread damages all over the mid-Michigan area. Some customers, such as these, attempted to pump out water before it could even reach their home or business. 

Broken Pipes in Lansing

This home had boiler heat and when the furnace failed, the pipes froze and burst. This caused water damage throughout the entire home. The homeowners were on vacation and it wasn't found until the entire home was affected. 

Water Damage in the Lansing Area

This damage was caused after some flooding in the area. This home is very close to a river and experiences flooding when the river spills over its banks. This customer was not able to pump out the water in their home until the river receded. 

Frozen Pipes in the Lansing Area

Damage from a pipe that froze and burst in an empty house that was filled with rust. The water ran for a few days before anyone found it. The entire upstairs was covered in this rust as well. 

Water Damage in Lansing MI

This water damage occurred while the customers were in Florida for the winter. They turned the heat up in the house but did not shut the water off and the pipes froze and burst in 11 places.